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How to Hire a Professional Pest Exterminator

Oftentimes, it is best to hire a professional pest exterminator Parker than doing the task yourself. This is really true if the products required for control are authorized only for use by experts, if the infestation has become big, or if the pest issue is ongoing. 

Thus, if you do really require to hire an expert, here are several things to consider: 

  1. The Exterminator 

Ask to see the certification, license, and ID, before letting the exterminator to enter your property. Be sure to check if all of those are up-to-date. Most states need that the exterminators be qualified and that they join in yearly training to retain their current license. 

  1. The Firm 

Is the firm insured and bonded? This could be essential to both protect against liability and protect your home. Visit the site of the firm. Do its values agree with your own? Is is well-informed? Does it look professional? 

  1. The Knowledge 

The sales representative or the exterminator must have enough knowledge to answer all your questions about pest control. There might be several questions that he/she might not know. If so, he/she must be willing to say that he/she would let you know once he/she finds out. Remember, it is better to hear an answer that is honest than to be provided with an answer that is not 100% sure. 

  1. The Appearance 

The total appearance and the uniform must be professional and clean when the exterminator arrives at your house. The chemicals, tools, and the transportation must also give you with a safe sense of professionalism. 

  1. The References 

Ask friends and relatives for referral before contacting a pest exterminator firm. Visit for a list of providers per state. It is always good to examine any firm with the (Better Business Bureau). You might like to ask the provider for references if you didn’t get any personal suggestions – also, follow up with calls to the provided clients.  

  1. The Documents 

After finishing the job, the exterminator must give you a report about the performed service, any client feedbacks, and any required follow-up action. Also, the report must point the overall cost of the service. 

  1. The Consultation 

The exterminator, at some point during the job, must make suggestions for preventing the issue in the future. It is likely that this would come after, during, or before the job, depending on the service that is needed. For instance, the exterminator must inform you and suggest quick clean-up if the check-up reveals a possible harborage area of the pests. The exterminator might wait until the end if a structural problem is revealed. He/she should suggest maintenance like repairing of holes or replacement of screen. 

  1. The Assurance 

A lot of pest control firms provide assurances, even if it is as humble as “Satisfaction Guaranteed”. You must ensure that you read all the details of the fine print too, know how to invoke the guarantee if required, and what your responsibilities are.  

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How to Choose Hardwood Floors

Your home’s flooring is a fundamental yet significant choice that you must make as a homeowner. People consider changing their flooring whenever they do an area, room, or entire house renovation. While there are many distinct alternatives available to you, such as carpets and marble, the material that is considered as a standard is hardwood. 

But not every hardwood flooring is the same. Selecting which one fits your home best is not just a question of choosing your preferred color. There are several other variables that can affect the performance and aesthetics of hardwood floors. 

How to Choose Hardwood Floors 

Whether you’re building or renovating your home, it’s important that you pick the right type of hardwood to achieve the look and functionality that you want. It’s the first thing that a professional hardwood floor installer would ask you about. Here are tips to help you choose which one to install in your home: 

1. Solid vs Engineered Hardwood   

Hardwood flooring traditionally comes in thick solid timber planks. Solid hardwood can easily be bought today, although many manufacturers offer engineered hardwood flooring. These are produced with a thin layer of hardwood on the top and then bonded to the other layers to avoid shifting or moving as the floor contracts and expands. Wood tends to move in different directions, such as radial, longitudinal, and tangential. Using engineered hardwood flooring, you are putting opposing forces inside the board to limit the wood’s natural movement. 

2. Pre-finished versus site finish  

Hardwood boards can be bought with raw surfaces, which is finished by the flooring contractor after installing it. The pre-finished option comes with a topcoat or stain that’s already applied on the surface. The benefit of choosing pre-finished hardwood is the fact that you can clearly see what you are getting. Prefinished hardwood can easily be matched to your home’s existing color palette or design elements, such as cabinetry, wall coverings, and textiles. It also requires lesser time to install, as there is no need to apply sealants, coats, stains, or colors. 

3. Oil versus Polyurethane 

Most hardwood finishes are either polyurethane or oil. Oil can penetrate hardwood better and makes it look and feel natural. It provides hardwood with a soft and matte finish. However, it can be prone to stains and damage.  Polyurethane, on the other hand, creates a tougher topcoat to protect the wood from wear and tear. It’s the better choice for households with children and most areas with high traffic. 

4. Walnut versus Oak 

While there are quite a few options available for you when it comes to wood type, oak is still hailed as the finest type. Oak is very durable and can handle stains quite well. It also comes with an attractive natural grain. Since oak is widely available in North America, it is offered at a rather reasonable price. The most popular variation of oak is the white one, as it’s easier to work with as far as design is concerned. It’s not as reddish or pinkish as the other variants. Walnut is the next popular choice, although it’s a bit softer than oakwood.  

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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling Big Bathrooms

If executed properly, a great bathroom can add value to your home and make your life easier at the same time. On the other hand, if your bathroom remodeling project fails, the opposite could occur. To know the mistakes you need to prevent as you remodel your bathroom, keep on reading this article: 

Designing for another size 

Regardless if you own a small or a big bathroom, make sure to design it in accordance with the size of your bathroom. You can either make any size into a beautiful and functional space that will serve you well for several years or it could be a total mess especially if poorly planned. 

A bathroom that won’t age with you 

The deep and big tub might appear to be a nice idea while you’re younger, however, it won’t serve you that much while you get older and you’ll find it more difficult to step over the edge. These are the things that you need to think about as you come up with a bathroom remodeling design and plan. One of the timeless features you can have in your bathroom is curbless showers. This can save you money at the same time.  

Displaying the porcelain throne 

Arguably, most of your time in your bathroom is spent on the toilet. However, this aspect must never be the thing that will draw your eye as soon as you walk into the bathroom. Attempt to position the toilet in a spot where it’s not the first thing you see as you get inside. Moreover, prevent any lines that display the porcelain throne. If possible, you can also place your shower and your toilet in a separate place and far from the sink. This will be a great design idea.  

Too much publicity 

There are areas in your house that you must prevent from having a bathroom. For example, you must never place your bathroom close to your dining room because your entire guests can obviously see you inside. When you’re remodeling a bathroom that’s located in a poor location, think about making some kind of formal separation that will keep your restroom area out of the public eye and more private. 

No bathroom windows 

This is inevitable sometimes. However, as you plan your bathroom’s location, make sure to consider having a window.  Damp and boring windows that are totally dark isn’t fun to have. Moreover, poor circulation could result in issues in the area. When you don’t have a window in your bathroom, think about constructing a new skylight to allow a bit of fresh air and the natural sunshine to let in. This will guarantee to add value to your home and liven up space.  

Contact the bathroom experts 

If you want to learn more when it comes to our general services, including bathroom services, make sure to come and visit our official website, or call one of our dedicated representatives right now. We will make sure to attend to your concerns as soon as possible. 

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